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Debtors Have Rights!

We Defend Debt Collection Lawsuits & Sue Abusive Debt Collectors

If you have been sued by a debt collector, we may be able to help.  Debt collectors are required to prove a number of facts about your debt (if it actually is your debt!) before having the right to a judgment against you.  However, many debt collectors take advantage of consumers who lack legal representation by obtaining “default judgments” or winning “summary judgments” on dubious evidence.  Having a judgment issued against you can have serious consequences: the creditor or debt collector can attempt to garnish your wages or bank accounts, and your credit rating could suffer.

Sometimes an attorney can get a debt collection suit dismissed, either because the debt collector can’t prove its case, can’t prove the debt is yours, or because its suit has a technical defect.  Even if you believe that you legitimately owe at least something, you may actually owe less than the debt collector claims.  By exposing the legal weaknesses of the collector’s suit, an attorney can help ensure that you aren’t forced to pay more than you owe, and can try to help prevent a judgment from being issued against you so that your wages, bank account and credit rating is protected.  Sometimes these cases can be resolved through motions before the court regarding the legal and evidentiary sufficiency of the debt collectors case, sometimes it can be resolved through negotiation, and sometimes your case must be tried to a judge or a jury.

In addition, if you have been harassed or treated unfairly by the debt collector, you may have legal counter claims to the collection action which may entitle you to damages from the debt collector, and may strengthen your ability to negotiate a fair settlement of the collection action.  Harassment by debt collectors can also be brought as self-standing claims against the collector, and if you win the collector must pay your attorney fees!

If you have been sued and or harassed by a debt collector and would like to consult an attorney, you may contact The Brennan Law Office at 513-381-1172 for a FREE CONSULTATION.   We have both daytime and evening appointments available.

How much will legal representation cost me?

We understand the tremendous emotional and financial stress that a debt collection suit can cause.  Unlike many of the “big corporate” firms, we generally do not charge by the hour to defend debt collection suits. 

Rather, we charge a fixed fee, according to the complexity of the case.  This way, you don’t have to worry about the uncertainty of your legal bills, on top of all the financial stress you already have!  Once we have been able to meet with you and evaluate your case, we can determine the fee amount.